Yesterday the NFL announced a controversial new policy for all their players: if a player is present on the field at the time of the national anthem, they must stand, or they'll have to face a fine. This new policy was in response to the ongoing NFL protests started by Colin Kaepernick, which had numerous players kneeling during the anthem as a show of protest against racism and police brutality. 

The move has instantly proved unpopular among many of the players, but has found support from certain powerful political figures. One person who was not a fan of the change, or the NFL in general, was El-P, who's best known for his work with Killer Mike as Run The Jewels. El-P went on Twitter today to share an enlightening story about a deal the NFL offered him and Mike, and his thoughts on the organization as a whole. 

El-P said that, before the last Super Bowl, they NFL approached RTJ to request permission to play their song "Legend Has It" during the big game. Their response to the offer was, "no because fuck them."

He also mentions that they offered no money for the rights to the song, and "the strong suggestion that we take them up on the opportunity to enrich a private, racist and for profit company masquerading as a non profit."

While these policy changes still stand, it's likely that we may see even more artists beginning to boycott the NFL in the near future. Check out El-P's full statement below.