It is widely believed, albeit difficult to confirm, but  Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman has fathered 15 different children, some of which he supports clandestinely. The latest testimonial goldmine to emerge out of the "El Chapo" is, interestingly enough, centered around the illicit activities of his children. According to CNN, a cartel delegate, El Chapo's own wife, and several of his sons (from different maternal lines) helped the kingpin in his final successful prison run.

But that's not all, the same offsprings are said to have killed a well-regarded Mexican journalist whose agenda did not correlate El Chapo's claim to authority. The journalist, Javier Valdez, was killed in May of 2017, presumably on El Chapo's orders. That's what Damaso Lopez Nunez stated in court when he took the stand. Nunez is a former top lieutenant of Guzman's. As for Javier Valdez, and the reason he was killed, it's not overly difficult to comprehend. Valdez was one of the leading "Narcoreporters" to accept the security risk that comes with crossing the Cartels.  

According to Damaso Lopez Nunez, the straw that broke the camels back - consequently leading to Javier Valdez' killing, was an article he'd published outlining the Sinaloa Cartel's record of infighting. El Chapo, now 61 years of age,  has been embroiled in the extradition process since November. His lawyers claim a rival druglord named Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada is to blame for the ethical conundrum: the alleged framing of Guzman and the consequences it has over his family's amnesty.