Following the fate of her husband drug dealer “El Chapo”, Emma Coronel Aispuro will be heading to jail. 

Back in February, the wife of “El Chapo” was arrested at an airport in Virginia on the basis of her involvement in a conspiracy to help her husband escape from prison. The drug lord successfully escaped prison in 2015 with help from his wife but was caught by police in 2016.

As we previously reported, the former beauty queen had planned to expand on her appearance on VHS’ Cartel Crew TV show and launch an El Chapo-branded clothing line before her arrest.

The thirty-one-year-old is now facing the consequences to her actions though, appearing in court this week. Aispuro is up against charges for intent to distribute cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and marijuana along with money laundering charges. 

Surprisingly, she pled guilty on Thursday in a Washington D.C. federal court, owning up to her actions. There were rumors of a plea deal and even a brand new identity for her in exchange for information, but none of these plans seemed to materialize.

TMZ reported the judge stated Aispuro faces the same sentence as “El Chapo” — life in prison — with 10 years being the lowest possible sentence for her involvement in drug trafficking. It has also been reported that she will not receive special treatment or security while serving her sentence.

With the couple both facing life sentences, the Bonnie and Clyde pair are likely to never see each other again.