Faking illness to skip a day of work is not uncommon, but it could lead to some pretty serious repercussions. Depending on your job and your boss, it could lead to a warning or even termination. However, it's an entirely different story if you're apart of a drug cartel such as El Chapo's cousin who was allegedly killed after skipping a day of work.

According to New York Post, during El Chapo's trial on Tuesday, the jurors heard from a witness about how the kingpin allegedly murdered his own cousin for playing hooky. According to former Sinaloa cartel lieutenant Damaso Lopez Nunez, Juan “Juancho” Guzman told his cousin El Chapo that he was out of town. Unfortunately, he was spotted at a "public park" in Culican, Mexico, which apparently drove El Chapo into a fit of rage. 

“My compadre became angry, because he had lied to him,” Nunez said. “[Chapo] ordered [the assassin] to take [Juancho] toward Culican, to kill him, and to leave him on the outskirts of Culican." Nunez added that Chapo ordered the death of Guzman's secretary because they were together.

"They both have to suffer the same fate," Chapo allegedly added after ordering the death of the two.

Lucero Guadalupe Sanchez Lopez, El Chapo's alleged mistress, spoke on Juancho's murder in court last week. She recounted eating dinner with Chapo before his secretary interrupted them to inform him of the death of Juancho

“He turned around and looked at me in a slow demeanor and then he said something I did not like,” she said. “He said from that point on, whoever betrayed him, they would die. Whether they were family or women, they were going to die.”