In 2020, the world will see Eddie Murphy return to the comedic stage as he embarks on a stand-up tour. The 58-year-old comedy icon may have a vault of unreleased songs that he's holding close to the chest, but he's ready to get back on stage, telling The New York Times that he regrets giving up his passion.

Murphy only has two stand-up specials to date, Delirious and Raw, both of which aired back in the 1980s. His controversial jokes found the comedian in the crosshairs of criticism, so when he reads about the comics who currently are the targets of Cancel Culture he said, "I went through all that stuff, so this is not scary." He did offer up an apology for his past jokes that he called "ignorant," specifically his quips regarding the AIDS epidemic when he talked about being afraid of catching the disease by kissing gay men.  

Fans will have to wait to see how controversial Murphy will be when he returns to the stage, but the public should expect for him give funny anecdotes about being a father of 10 children. "I now have a whole lifetime of experiences to draw upon," Murphy said. "There was a time when I was at the center of everything, what I was doing, and how funny I was and how popular. I’m not at the center. Now my kids are and everything revolves around them." He also added that he's not continuing on with his leather suit tradition. “Nah, man, you can’t wear a leather suit at 58,” he said.