Paul Mooney was such a rock and inspiration in the comedian community. His contributions to the art form exceed that of many of the most popular comedians today, and so he will be remembered as a legend, a king even. And so Mooney will have a king's memorial. Jamie Masada, the owner and founder of Laugh Factory, tells TMZ that there will be a tribute show at the club. Mooney was a staple at the comedy club, which only makes the memorial that much sweeter. The beloved comedian passed away at 79 from a heart attack. 

Mooney's memorial will take place on Thursday at 3 PM. Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart, and Tiffany Haddish are all confirmed to appear. Of course, the attendee list will continue to grow as the event gets closer. Mooney's twin sons, who are also comedians, Dwayne and Daryl, will also be there. Guests may dabble in some stand up, and share their favorite Mooney stories.

Dave Chappelle is determined to make sure history remembers Mooney (as if Mooney hasn't done that himself already). The legendary comedian told TMZ that Mooney will be, “sorely missed and wildly remembered" adding that he'll personally see to that last part himself. RIP a great one, Paul Mooney!