Coming To America remains one of actor/comedian Eddie Murphy's most accomplished movies. Generally well-regarded by critics and a lifetime box office gross of nearly $289 million, it balanced Murphy's desire to launch himself into the role of romantic leading man while still maintaining a broad audience appeal. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, fans who have been waiting for a sequel to the hit film may not have to hold out too much longer.

Jonathan Levine, who has directed movies like Warm Bodies and 50/50 is teaming with Black-ish creator Kenya Barris to inject some new life into the sequel hopes for Coming to America 2. Levine will be taking the reigns behind the camera while Barris ia on board to rewrite the script. Paramount has had an on again-off again relationship with this franchise follow-up, but earlier this spring the studio had officially given the project the green light, with original screenwriters Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield hired to pen the first draft for the sequel. At this time, no report of a solid deal has been made public, but Eddie Murphy is said to be involved with the sequel's development and is expected to once again take on the starring role.

In the original movie, Murphy played Prince Akeem, the prince of wealthy African royalty who travels to Queens to find a woman who truly loves him instead of getting involved in an arranged marriage. Arsenio Hall co-starred as his loyal sidekick, while James Earl Jones appeared as his father.

In addition to the aforementioned credits, director Levine also directed The Wackness, as well as recent projects The Night Before and the pilot for Jim Carrey's new Showtime series I’m Dying Up Here. Barris’ Black-ish has become one of TV's critical darlings, carefully balancing comedy with sharp commentary about race in America today. He also was one of the writers behind the script of Girls Trip, this summer's surprise hit that crossed $100 million at the box office after completing production on a $19 million budget. There's no exact time frame for Coming To America 2's release date as of yet.