Ed Sheeran is somewhere in the world enjoying his break from touring since he recently wrapped up playing more than 250 shows for nine million fans on the globe. As expected, Ed announced an 18-month hiatus since closing his last show in Ipswich, England back in August and while he's been keeping a low radar, his tattoo artist has come through to talk down on his body ink.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Kevin Paul has tattooed the "Shape Of You" singer more than 40 times and he's admitted to The Mirror that Ed's tattoos are quite bad. “I take the piss out of Ed all the time, when I’m with him, that they are shit. They are!" Kevin said. "But every single thing that he’s got is personal to him.” Even though Kevin admits his work on Ed isn't his best, having the singer as a client has brought on good moments in his career and opened many doors for him. 

“I was a big massive artist doing 3D work and winning multi awards. And then all of a sudden you end up doing Pingu the Penguin and fucking gingerbread men on pop stars,” he explained. “Everybody just thought I was shit, but I’m not."