Ebro and Tekashi 6ix9ine have been going at each other's necks for a while now. The rapper immortalized his disdain for the radio host on his latest single entitled "STOOPID." The diss came as an honor for Ebro since it was the first time anything of the kind has happened to him. In response, Old Man decided to air a rebuttal on his show.

The dude had to be trolling, coming out the gate with a replica of a Lil Jon track. His impersonation is somewhat legit, but he was cut short by his co-hosts who "schooled" him on the diss track art form. Ebro was prompted to switch it up. He stands up when the "Knuck If You Buck" instrumental drops. He's called out, yet again, for doing a bad version of an already existing song.

"You don't even have to be on beat, but you can't steal someone else's song"

Ebro finally gets it right and lays down the goods.

"Yo clown hair, you ain't ready for war / You don't want this with the old man, you ain't even seen this before / Off the dome with the freestyle, you don't want that / I come in with the brrrrrraaaaah, kakakakaaaattt."

And that was it, folks. Ebro spitting "fire." LOL.