One of the biggest stories this morning was about Kanye West apologizing to Drake over anything that may have gotten in between their working relationship. There has always been an aspect of friendly competition between Drake and Kanye but the friendly part was seemingly removed earlier this year when Drake's secret child was revealed in Pusha T's diss track against him. Many saw West as the main culprit behind how the information got to Pusha, something that he denied in his public apology to Drake. While some see Ye's action as an extension of his "Lead with Love" motto, others think Drizzy should be wary of the Chicagoan's true intentions. 

Ebro is part of the latter group as he believes Drake should accept the apology but keep his eyes peeled for any shady activity in the future. He gets critiqued often for his controversial opinion but the radio host may very well be onto something as he wrote, "I wanna believe this is genuine. If I’m Drake I keep my 👀 peeled, but accept the apology... Would Kanye be apologizing if things were going well with his music?" Including a subtle dig at Yeezy's most recent project Ye, Darden insinuates that Kanye may just be trying to keep all doors open for future collaborations that may further his own brand. 

We'll likely never know Kanye's true intentions behind the apology tweets. However, he probably just feels bad about how things turned out and decided to show some love to somebody he respects. But is it too late for all that "lovey-dovey shit?"