The news of Tekashi 6ix9ine's apparent downfall has enraptured the entire hip-hop nation. Although many rap fans have claimed for months that the rainbow-haired rapper's antics would one day catch up to him, no one expected him to be rolled up into a RICO investigation. Hot 97's Ebro took a good fifteen minutes to break down his opinion of the situation, and as always, his views are jarring. 

Ebro began the segment by reading facts from, and uses the information to help set up his argument. "Did ya'll wanna end up in jail?" he rhetorically asks. Ebro also reads a statement, sent directly to Hot 97, from the New York Police Department. "NYPD told us, that by the end of the year -and this was maybe July [of] this year- so they were speaking then. They said Tekashi would either be dead or in jail," Ebro revealed. "Now, this comes this morning from our source at the NYPD," he continued, quoting the letter as proof. "We actually tried to warn him, but he refused to listen. His crew should have shielded him from being involved in any crime, because he was their chance to get out."

Ebro also asserted that Tekashi's violent run-in with Elliot Grainge expedited the process of him getting locked up. Grainge is the son of one of the most powerful music executives on the planet, so Ebro believes that Tekashi's crew causing a shooting during what should have been a meeting with Grainge incentivized his father to pull some powerful strings. Although that is just speculation, it doesn't seem like a far-fetched circumstance. Ebro even claims that industry insiders alerted him that the Tekashi and Trippie Redd beef was manufactured just for clout and views. Grainge signed both Tekashi and Redd, adding even more interesting lines to this complicated story.  

In conclusion, after repeatedly affirming that Tekashi played himself, Ebro has no ill will toward the "Gummo" rapper. After reminding his audience that Tekashi was hot for maybe 18 months, he hammers home his point. "I would rather be proved wrong," he stated. "The energy should be, trying to hopefully teach some young people, 'you see what just happened?'" Is trolling, and being hot for less than two years, really worth Federal charges? Check out the entire segment below.