Drake has repeatedly thrown shade at HOT 97 during the course of his 4-night Summer Sixteen stint in New York City. On the first night he declared, "Fuck HOT 97," directing his ire at Funk Flex in particular. On the last night he brought out a multitude of stars from Cam'ron to J. Cole and called the show "the real Summer Jam" before celebrating with Charlamagne tha God (the star of HOT 97 rival Power 105.1) backstage.

Today, as the dust settled, Ebro Darden, Peter Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez, co-hosts of HOT 97's flagship program Ebro in the Morning, debated the whole ordeal and Drake's motives for coming at HOT 97 (all over the Drake "Forever" backing track).

The trio seemed more irked with Charlamagne for celebrating with Drake than Drake himself. 

"The photo of him and Charlamagne cheesing together," Rosenberg said. "Let's just talk about the kind of dude you are when that's the move you make."

Ebro called Charlamagne "thirsty." Rosenberg added, "You're a grown dude and you took a picture with someone just to get other dudes jealous... only chicks do that.

Rosenberg says he felt flattered that Drake paid Hot 97 so much attention, and Ebro ultimately concluded that he doesn't want to play in to the beef, which Laura Stylez described as a "novella." He criticized Drake for driving a wedge between himself and HOT 97, both of whom he believed as being advocates "for the culture."

"I don't think he's trying to disrespect [us]," he said. "He's trying to bait everyone one to see if he can splinter our team... he's really trying to see where we'll go with it."

Listen to their discussion below.