In a short amount of time, 6ix9ine's viral infamy turned into a mainstream success. Unfortunately, even as he made his way to the forefront of hip-hop, he made a lot of enemies on the way. He had an ongoing beef with Hot97 and Beats1 host Ebro Darden who was extremely vocal about his disdain towards the rainbow-haired rapper. However, the radio host recently revealed that he and 6ix9ine squashed their beef before the rapper was locked up but unfortunately, the rapper was arrested shortly after.

Whether you like Ebro or not, he's been in the game for a minute and has a lot of game to offer those that are willing to listen but more importantly, haven't told him to a suck a d*ck. During Casanova's interview with Ebro on Hot97, the radio host revealed that he took the "Like Me" rapper's advice and reached out to 6ix9ine in order to, hopefully, talk some sense into the incarcerated rapper. 

Ebro said that they spoke and ended their rift before the radio host invited 6ix9ine to appear on "Ebro In The Morning." Unfortunately, the day before he was supposed to appear on the show, he was arrested.

Ebro and 6ix9ine's relationship has been well-documented in the past. The rapper took numerous shots at Ebro on his album DUMMY BOY on his song, "STOOPID" ft Bobby Shmurda and "KANGA" ft. Kanye West.

Peep the interview below with Ebro talking about 6ix9ine around the 8:45 mark.