Earlier this week Ebro recalled a conversation he had with Drake where the possibility of a diss from Eminem was brought up. While he stressed that the two were joking about the topic, the internet managed to turn it into a huge debate, one Drake was not happy with, dissing Hot 97 and DJ Funkmaster Flexon stage at New York's Madison Square Gardens Thursday night.

Of course, Ebro has already weighed in on Drake's declaration of "fuck Hot 97" on his morning show.

"'Drake takes shots?' That's not what happened," Ebro said of a particular headline. "Drake said 'F Hot 97.' That's not a shot! That is unleashing the Valyrian steel, baby!"

For the most part, he was still confused as to why he would be involved in the feud. "He's real mad at Flex," he offered. "Why's he mad at me? We was joking! It was a joke!" 

He once again stressed that the whole thing had been blown out of proportion. "Don't listen to the internet ever in your life... All of it's fine... We'll get into it."

Funk Flex and Drake of course, have a history of their own, with Flex encouraging his beef with Meek Mill by playing a number of reference tracks from If You're Reading This It's Too Late on his show.

This surely won't be the end of Ebro's commentary, but listen to the first clip below.

UPDATE: Spin points out that despite Ebro's acknowledgement of Drake saying "Fuck Hot 97," no audio of the alleged diss has surfaced, and some Twitter users have disputed that the phrase was ever said. One user suggested Drake actually said "they telling lies at Hot 97."