Kanye West's unexpected alignment with Republicans and other prominent right-wing figures has stirred up quite the controversy over the past several weeks. It initially kicked off after he tweeted, "I love the way Candace Owens thinks." The tweet caught many by surprise but was later the most harmless of tweets after pledging his love for Donald Trump. One person who's both been conversing and critical of Kanye during this time is Hot97's Ebro Darden. During his show this morning, he revealed that his conversation he had with Kanye West and Candace Owens this morning.

Ebro is not here for Candace Owens and will certainly not give her a platform. He detailed the conversation earlier today and said that off the top, she asked him when she'll be invited to his show to tell her point of view. 

"I said, ‘Well I just don’t have people on to have conversations about aligning themselves with hate groups and racists. It's not what we do up here. Nor do I want to bring someone else up here to have that. ” he explained. "I don’t believe what we’re going through right now means we have to align ourselves with hateful people." 

He said that he referred to her as Candie, which seemed to have rubbed her the wrong way. However, the conversation kept moving forward and Ebro detailed the part of the conversation where he grilled her about her stance on "Make America Great Again." "When was it great?" he said during the bit.

"She went on to tell me about the again part for her means the time when her sharecropping grandfather was able to buy land. That's her again." He said. "Of which I said, 'So you want to go back to when black folks were sharecroppers?"

You could peep the full interview below.