According to Laura Stylez, Ebro, and Peter Rosenberg, they really didn't want Saweetie to show off her freestyle skills during their 2018 interview. In fact, they were so against her freestyling that they went so far as to lie about their equipment not working before the rapper's team pushed for her to spit some quick bars.

Saweetie went on the record this week to say she experienced PTSD after her awkward freestyle at Hot 97 with Ebro & Co. "It was a really dark point in my life," she said about her first-ever promo run. After Ebro's initial response to Saweetie's PTSD comments, his team spoke on air about the situation and revealed their truth with Laura Stylez claiming that they actually lied about their equipment being faulty to try and stop her from spitting.

"Let's just be honest about what really happened," said the well-respected radio host Stylez. "When she came in, we were down to do the interview. But her team was really pushing for her to freestyle. I remember us specifically lying and saying our equipment didn't work, we didn't wanna do that to her. We lied and said our equipment wasn't working-- we didn't want her to freestyle, let's just have the interview."

Saweetie has been in the news for the last week, mainly because of her highly-publicized breakup with rapper Quavo. Saweetie accused him of cheating on her with multiple other women, calling him out for using lavish gifts to cover up his wrongdoings in their relationship.

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