Yesterday afternoon, Ebro conducted an interview with Kodak Black which ended in the rapper walking out of room in frustration. The radio host had asked a question about Kodak's upcoming sexual assault trial, which begins in April 2019. For legal reasons, the artist is not allowed to speak about the specifics of the case and Ebro was made aware of that. He still decided to bring it up though. According to Tory Lanez, it was a "b*tch ass n***a" move. It would have been awkward if Ebro ignored the topic on today's show so he had a lengthy conversation with his listeners, Peter Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez on air.

Ebro spoke for twenty minutes about the incident as he noted that it would have been irresponsible to not speak about the ongoing trial Kodak finds himself in. "It would be irresponsible for us to have the artist on the show, talk about how talented the artist is, and never once mention that in April he faces sexual assault charges for a woman raped in a hotel room," said Ebro. The host brought up the charges about fifteen minutes into the interview, leading Kodak to get up and leave. 

After debating with his co-hosts about the situation, he said, "I did not want it to go that way. I’m not happy it went that way. I feel bad that it went that way, because I felt like I was honestly trying to have a balanced conversation with an individual who has a crazy past, dealing with some very real things. It makes nobody happy. I really really wanted to end that in a good way."