Keeping in line with the barrage of year-end lists that dominate the headlines during the first weeks of January, eBay has announced a list of the most shopped trends, moments and movements that were representative of the spending habits during 2017. 

Throwback streetwear was in high demand during the last twelve months, as 80s and 90s staples including Champion sweatshirts, which sold an excess of 25,000 units, while 107,000 pairs of Adidas Superstars were also purchased. Similarly, 28,000 pairs of Reebok Classics were bought online through the website, while the Nike Cortez became the sneaker of choice for 24,000 prospective buyers.Vinyl records also experienced a surge in popularity on eBay, where almost 10,000 records were purchased daily. 

Star Wars also sold extremely well throughout the year, as the months leading up to its December release saw the film franchise move 450,000 items on the e-commerce enterprise. 

Female empowerment paraphernalia also experienced a healthy economic surge, as shoppers scooped up 43,000 items containing feminist or political slogans. 

On a more socially-conscious note, eBay's users were particularly philanthropic throughout 2017, as they donated more than $700,000 in aid to charities dealing with the rampant natural disasters that ravaged through many communities worldwide. Similarly, the eBay community helped raise over $800,000 for the New York Public Art Fund by purchasing selected artworks from Chinese multi-media artist Ai Wei Wei.


Image via PR Newswire