Bowl games can be quite intense especially when the games are close and there is a lot on the line. Last night, the Quick Lane Bowl featured one of the most bizarre scenes we have seen in a very long time. The game featured a matchup between Eastern Michigan and Pittsburgh. With very little time left in the game, Michigan was trailing Pittsburgh by a score of 34-30. With the game on the line, EM quarterback Mike Glass III was tackled and got visibly upset afterward.

Glass punched a player in the helmet and tried to do the same to a second player. While taking a swing on the second individual, Glass hit the referee in the face which led to a hilarious flop from the official. Glass was immediately ejected from the game and his team ended up losing.

Fans immediately took to social media to make fun of both the QB and the referee involved. The ref barely got touched although that didn't stop him from hitting the ground like a bag of bricks. Meanwhile, Glass should have known better considering he's a senior. That certainly won't be the way he'll want to remember his college career.

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