Doctur Dot of EarthGang celebrated Dreamville's XXL cover story by reposting the image on his personal Instagram account. Little did he know, the celebratory pose would cause a discussion to erupt concerning the group's long-anticipated Mirroland project. 

While a sympathetic tone was upheld by all parties throughout the discussion, Doctur was then forced to explain the big holdup on the group's project, thereby placing the blame on "the label." as he put it initially. Understandably, the commenters came to the conclusion those words were in reference to J. Cole's Dreamville imprint.

Image via Instagram

In other words, Doctur Dut was saying that EarthGang's parent label didn't view them as a priority, thus explaining the holdup on their anticipated project, which he claims, wouldn't prevent him from working towards improving the situation.

Before clearing up the ambiguity in his post, Doctur would insist that he and partner Johnny Venus saw no reason to be evasive with their devoted fanbase.

It wasn't until a commenter wrote, "It may not seem like y’all are a priority on Dreamville yet, but it’s coming. Can’t deny talent it’s just not how it works," that Doctur Dot caught wind of the unexpected fallacy he had a hand in creating.

"Dreamville not what I was talkn bout," Doctur Dot responded, leading to a momentary person-to-person exchange right in the comment section. The commenter going by "iamyoungarigold," thanked the EarthGang member for his time, after acknowledging the Reddit thread that brought the misunderstanding to the forefront. It seems as though Doctur Dot was referring to Interscope in the end, although he didn't name them outright.