The braggadocious casanova depicted on choice KOD cuts like "Motiv8" is far from the public perception of J. Cole's image. Quite the opposite; the Dreamville capo has often been described as a humble, positive, and inspiration character in the hip-hop pantheon. Some have even come so far as to dub him a "Jesus Figure" of sorts, wandering barefoot and blessing the game with an endless supply of excellent guest verses. Yet some, including those from his own camp, have been campaigning to get J. Cole into the strip club, albeit strictly as a spectator and maker of rain. 

In the outro to JID's "Workin Out," comedian Zack Fox pokes fun at Cole's image in an amusing monologue. "Why that n***a J. Cole
Got all this money, look like he 'bout to borrow somebody charger or something," he laughs. "C'mon bruh flex some of that Dreamville money, let me see it!" Evidently, such was a cause the Dreamville squad took to heart. Now, with plenty of reason to celebrate, two of the label's finest, Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot of EarthGang, have taken the initiative to make it happen.

"Do you understand the group effort it took to get Cole to go the strip club & flick it up," write EarthGang on Twitter, amidst several tears of joy emojis. "Y'all dont understand, but we did it!" The duo even share photographic evidence of the evening's festivities, which found J. Cole indulging in a little bit of money-phone action. In some ways, this photo stands as a truly monumental occurrence. It's great to see the label celebrating their excellent 2018 campaign, and we're eager to see what 2019 has in store. Bring on MirrorLand.