EarthGang Drop Off Cinematic & Eerie Visuals For "Swivel"

Mitch Findlay
January 23, 2020 21:30

EarthGang drop off some stellar visuals.

After further reflection, EarthGang's Mirrorland offering "Swivel" was a Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 standout. What it lacked in flashy pizzaz it made up for in poignancy, a dark reflection on their Atlanta come-up. It's no surprise the accompanying visuals captured that tone, juxtaposing the wistful pleasures of a childhood adventure with the bitter reality of a bleak environment. Handled masterfully through imagery, the tale centers around four kids on a nighttime bike-ride gone awry. All the while, Olu and Wowgr8 provide narration - at once a cautionary tale and empowering rallying cry. 

Much like the song itself, the visuals (directed by Micah Anthony, Chad Tennies, Mac Grant and Caleb Seales) are understated yet effective -- the shots of EarthGang on the bikes and the horror film reveal shot come to mind. In fact, this might be one of the most visually appealing videos in a minute, strictly from a cinematography perspective. If that doesn't solidify EarthGang as a pair of visionaries, please wake up. Check out that "Swivel" video right now and sound off below.

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