EarthGang Continue Fleshing Out "MirrorLand" With "Avenue" Visuals

Mitch Findlay
April 15, 2020 13:58

EarthGang continue the hallucinogenic voyage through "MirrorLand" with a dose of colorful visuals for "Avenue."

When Dreamville's EarthGang finally came through and delivered the full MirrorLand album experience, we might have known it wasn't over. After all, the Atlanta duo stand among the game's most creative artists, and it's no surprise their vision stretched far beyond the aural phenomenon. Now, they've once again come through with another dose of colorful visuals, this time for "Avenue," which picks up directly where its predecessor "LaLa Challenge" left off.

Once again taking place in a heavily science fiction-inspired dystopia, Olu and Wowgr8 find themselves forced to contend with a swarm of flying monkeys, a hallucinogenic and ever-changing landscape, not to mention the strange and whimsical landmarks that cross their path at every turn. Luckily, the pair are more than up for the task, sporting a slick hovercraft as they navigate the red-bricked road, word to L. Frank Baum.

While you might not fully understand what's being presented, there's a comfort in knowing that Olu and Gr8 know exactly how to chart their destination; in fact, once all this is said and done, it wouldn't be surprising to see them set up shop in this strange and mystifying new world they've discovered.

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