I'll be the first to admit, I was sleeping on both J.I.D. and EarthGang. While I recognized the talents of the former through the banger "Hasta Luego," it took their collabo "D/Vision" to really pull me into the gang's world of clever lyricism and brilliant flows. After delving into their catalog and spending some time with Earthgang's music, it became clear that the duo of Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot were the closest thing the game has to a modern day OutKast. Now, the group has announced the followup to their 2015 project Strays With Rabies, an EP by the name of Rags.

With artwork by a man who goes by the IG moniker "Freakorico," Rags promises to be a journey both hedonistic and futuristic. Not unlike Joe Cool's work on the 93' Snoop Dogg classic Doggystyle, the artwork depicts some thong-clad women with bird faces clamoring for the duo, straying the fine line between a healthy fling and avian bestiality. Either way, the artwork does build a playful and eccentric narrative, slightly science-fiction inspired yet grounded to some degree in reality; not unlike the early work of the aforementioned Outkast.

While we have yet to hear any music from the upcoming project, the album has been hyped on both Earthgang and J.I.D's social media platforms. J.I.D. calls Rags a special project from my brothers. I hope you guys are prepared for such greatness," while the Gang choose to remain humble. All they reveal on their own posts is the release date: Friday,  September 1st.

What a way to start the month. Honestly, if you're looking to discover a new group, you should most definitely check out some of EarthGang's music. You won't be disappointed.