EarthGang are about to become a household name, with the upcoming MirrorLand poised to make a hell of a mark. Though many have been wondering when the anticipated followup to Rags/Royalty/Robots is set to drop, the Gang themselves have been on the road, forging friendships and murdering stages as part of J. Cole's KOD tour. One such tour-mate was King Slime himself, Young Thug, who spent many nights hosting GTA-V fuelled sleepovers; both Venus and Dot personally vouched for his skills at running rampant in the digital world.

Luckily for the masses, the dynamic between EarthGang and Young Thug has extended beyond the scope of Grand Theft Auto. The pair of KOD tour alumni have decided to join forces on wax, as evidenced by a promising snippet from EarthGang's page. 

Though brief, Johnny and Dot assure us that a Young Thug collaboration is on route, with MirrorLand being the expected destination. Naturally, we must be patient in times such as these; 2018 has already proven fruitful, and we must leave some magnificence for the 2019 campaign. In that regard, we can count on EarthGang to have us covered. While you wait, be sure to check out our exclusive interview with the Gang, in which the aforementioned sleepovers are covered extensively, among other developments.

Image via HNHH