Earl Sweatshirt recently announced his departure from Columbia Records as a way to "be free" and "do riskier shit." Now that he's basking in his independent freedom, there's really no better time to drop off a new collection from his Deathworld clothing brand. 

The offerings are more for the Northerners and those who have to, unfortunately, brace the harsh winter months. From puffer jackets to windbreakers and fleece hoodies, the new apparel is a nice collection of offerings from the beloved rapper. Prices range from $80 to $90, check out the offerings below. 

Image via Deathworld

Image via Deathworld

Earl previously talked about his most recent album Some Rap Songs and where the title really came from, marking his last work with Columbia. 

"Just the concept of brevity. I’ve become … It’s been made evident to me that I’ve become kind of obsessed with simplifying shit, which sometimes can lead to oversimplification," he told Vulture.

"People take a lot of liberties, I feel like. Incomplete shit is really stressful to me, and the concept of unsimplified fractions is really stressful to me. So, with things like the album title, how I structure shit, and even how I write, it was really just like, What is this? The album title was kind of a response to that question."