Planned or unplanned, big news about Earls' first solo album was leaked via @earlxsweat's Tweet frenzy this past weekend. In case fans were wondering why he's not with the rest of Odd Future up in Europe right about now, the L.A. wolf is busy cooking up tracks with a variety of growing and immense artists. The tweeted list includes more expected OF members and friends like Tyler, The Creator, Domo Genesis, Vince Staples, and Casey Veggies but also promises contributions from Frank Ocean and Pharrell Williams. 

The self-proclaimed ugliest member of OFWGKTADGAF did far more than compensate on his 2010 self-titled mixtape, marking himself as a full blooded lyricist in keeping with the OF reputation. But the rapper quipped on his feed that, “Everyone whose favorite song off EARL was epar or whatever might be pretty bummed.” “Everyone with 666 or KTA or some sort of stupid hashtag like ‘hey look im crazy’ in their bio might be pretty bummed too.” Apparently Earl just wants to make 'pretty music' now, which might mean saying goodbye to the alt cop-slaying narratives that have been his run-of-the-mill. The rapper expects to lose fans when he stops dropping about rape and murder, but the new deal with Columbia Records, paired with Earl's trigger-happy enthusiasm, just might speak for itself.