Earl Sweatshirt is typically pretty quiet on the Internet but every so often, he'll hit Twitter with some gems. Earlier today, the rapper hit up Twitter to air out his issues with social media personality YesJulz who recently tried to do some damage control after she was, once again, accused of racism. 

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images 

The Some Rap Songs artist took to Twitter today in hopes that someone will get the message. The rapper doesn't wish any harm on YesJulz but he did suggest that someone should jump her in a "healthy" way.

"swear2god IF y'all don't jump affirmative julz on some healthy, ultimately non lifethreatenin shit," he wrote. "I know y'all b seeing dis nigga in public"

This isn't the first time Earl had some words for "Affirmative Julz." The Miami promoter shared a tearful apology after she caught flack for saying the N-word in leaked footage. Earl chimed in shortly after, saying, "crying on snapchat cant save u dawg we all see u wtf."

YesJulz apologized yesterday for a radio freestyle she did with Soulja Boy that gained a lot of traction on the web. In the freestyle, she's heard rapping, "Because my ass is fat and my skin ain’t black, I’m a vulture they hunting/ Yet they never do nothing and they never give back/ They keep killing blacks.”

Julz later issued a statement in an attempt to clarify her freestyle and apologized for the controversial bars. Read her apology below.