It seems like the Odd Future collective is slowing coming apart, if not already disbanded. Tyler, The Creator had OFWGKTA fans in a tizzy when he said "although it's no more, those 7 letters are forever" on twitter. The next day he tried to backtrack a little, confusing us further, by saying, "ALL I WAS DOING WAS LOOKING AT OLD PHOTOS WITH FRIENDS AND THINKING ABOUT HOW TIME FLIES, CRAZY HOW ONE TWEET CAN STIR SO MUCH." Nonetheless Earl Sweatshirt was a bit more unsympathetic with his tweets, tweeting that Tyler was just stating the "obvious"-- OF is no more.

Now in a new interview with The Guardian, Earl expands on distancing himself from Odd Future in general (although it's still unclear if OF is really "over"). Keeping the loner attitude that was prevalent in his album I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside, Earl said during the interview, "My world is kind of small. I mean, it’s bigger than it has ever been, but when I’m at home I don’t go out to other places. I don’t have a car, either. Every one of my neighbours minds their own damn business. I’m not a person that garners a whole lot of attention."

Later, when asked if he'd ever return to the studio with Odd Future, Earl replied, "I mean, see for yourself. You’ve just got to look, bro, that shit is not cracking." He continued, "Right now, I’m really trying to set my own two feet down as me. The OF thing follows you – it’s viral – even though not one thing I’ve done in the past couple years has been focused on OF."

He added at the end, "It’s my teenage boy club that got famous that I’m trying to not be defined by."