A few weeks ago, we were all still wondering what Earl Sweatshirt was doing with his time. The Odd Future rapper had released his last effort in 2015 and it was unclear when he would be dropping his next batch of new music. Last week, he came out of hibernation with "Nowhere2go" and this morning, he returned with the Navy Blue featured "The Mint." With his second single of the month out, speculation rose to an all-time high as we wondered if he was gearing up to drop a new album. Earl slid through with an official announcement minutes after his new song surfaced online, telling the world that November 30 is indeed going to be a good day.

The rapper updated his Twitter with a new message, sending fans to a website to pre-order the upcoming collection because, in his words, "ITS ALMOST TIME." Titled Some Rap Songs, both "Nowhere2go" and "The Mint" are expected to be on the tracklist, which is yet to be revealed. Alongside some fresh merch, fans can pre-order a digital copy of the album (which will be sent on November 30,) cassette, vinyl, or CD versions. The album cover is a blurry photo of the artist's face and a parental advisory message, keeping in line with Earl's "give no fucks" attitude. 

With the official announcement now out of the way, all there is left to do is wait... and pre-order the merch. You can do so here.