So the rumour is that Earl Sweatshirt, a member of Odd Future, is back home from a reform school in Samoa. A new twitter account appeared, apparently his, @earlxsweat.

Tyler, The Creator, tweeted, "Oh. Thebe has... I mean Earl Has A Twitter @earlxsweat."

Earl Sweatshirt's first tweet was simply "Home," and then "nigga need followers. give me 50,000 and i’ll release this shit for everybody."

However we might have reasont to be skeptical because Hodgy, another OF member, tweeted, "nowadays people have personal intentions tryna use my nigga earl. We family nigga. Earl isn't free. Fuck fabrication. OFWGKTA #freeearl"

Once Earl's account got 50,000 followers though, he linked to to release his track "Home."

So this sounds like it's pretty real, he says "I'm back..." at the end of the track.

But most recently Tyler tweeted: