Earl Sweatshirt's is one of the few people in hip hop that can pretty much lay low for x amount of time before he's ready to come back into the public eye. And once he does, you know that he has some new music in the cut to drop. The last piece of music we received from him was back in June when he dropped "Hat Trick." However, footage has surfaced of Earl performing some unreleased music over the weekend.

During his mid-evening set at Day N Night festival, Earl took a moment of time while going through his catalog to perform some brand new music. While the clip is short and doesn't hold the best sound quality, from what you could hear the new music he has sounds fire. The short clip shows Earl's continuous growth as an artist with every release as both a producer and as a writer. In the video, you could hear him rapping, "the enemy comin' in by the drones, don't give em control, my old issues on the back of the stove burner like coal in the caboose, you know the boy the truth." It sounds like he may end up touching on some topics that he hasn't in the past.

Earl often times uses his live performances as an opportunity to preview new music to his fans before he drops the official high quality version. Last year, he did the same at One Love festival where he previewed three new songs to the Canadian crowd before reuniting with Tyler the Creator to perform "Orange Juice." 

Earl has been relatively quiet for the majority of this year. While we haven't received much music except for one song, it seems he's also been busy with his "Stay Inside" radio show with Knxwledge on Red Bull Music Academy. He's been using both his live shows and his radio show as a platform to preview or premiere new music. 

While Earl recently played Day N Nite festival this weekend, he's also set to perform alongside Solange for her upcoming performance series "Orion's Rising." Earl will be playing with her in New York City at Radio City Music Hall on October 3rd and again on October 20th in Berkeley, California at the Greek Theatre. Hopefully he premieres some more music then. 

Check the clip below: