What's the point of being a rapper these days if you can't start your own fashion line? Fans inspect every article of clothing their idols wear when on stage or at the club, so wearing your own brand is the best way to advertise. In 2018, the majority of major artists have their hands in fashion to some extent. 

Last year, Earl Sweatshirt introduced the world to his fashion line Deathworld at the Camp Flog Gnaw festival. Now, the young wordsmith and designer is dropping off the third release for the collection. The Fall 2018 Deathworld roll-out is filled with apparel that is similar to items he has dropped in the past, but Earl has also included unique gear in his biggest drop yet.

We headed over the Deathworld website for Earl's latest pieces, where items range from $30 to $80. Alongside the obligatory logo tagged shirts, Earl dropped a button down that feature eye-catching designs and colors. A horizontally striped red, green, and navy long sleeve tee with "Deathworld" etched across the chest will be making its way into my closet. The 2018 Fall drop also includes red cargo pants, a yellow long sleeve fleece sweater, and a camo chore jacket, which is the release's most expensive item.