Last Thursday (May 28), Tyler, the Creator was going through old photos, and simultaneously tweeting his nostalgic feelings. After tweeting, "5 years later isnt that long but wow soooo much has happened," he wrote, "although it's no more, those 7 letters are forever." The "7 letters" seemed to refer to "OFWGKTA," thus many believed Tyler's tweets to mark the official end of Odd Future

Tyler woke up the next morning to find his Twitter stormed by fans begging the Odd Future founder to clarify his statements from the night before, to which he responded: "ALL I WAS DOING WAS LOOKING AT OLD PHOTOS WITH FRIENDS AND THINKING ABOUT HOW TIME FLIES, CRAZY HOW ONE TWEET CAN STIR SO MUCH." After that, fans were left even more confused. 

The same day, Earl Sweatshirt chimed in and seemed to confirm "the obvious"-- that Odd Future is, indeed, no more. He had no sympathy for OF fans, presumably "male virgins," who were upset by Tyler's announcement. He then proceeded with a warning to any collectives looking to follow in OF's footsteps: "SAVE YOURSELF YEARS OF EMBARRASSMENT AND STOP DRESSING LIKE AN EASTER BASKET, GO TALK TO SOME BITCHES! TRUSMEDADY." 

Thus, thanks to Earl's words, it looks like Odd Future is officially over. How are y'all taking the news? 

What will be the legacy of OFWGTKA? See all the tweets below.