As we reported, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles was literally four plays short of claiming a $1 million when he succumbed to injury in the season finale. And though, the easy solution would be for the Eagles' to write him a check for the exact amount he was due, NFL contracts are kind of hard to circumnavigate, once they've been set in stone. With that said, Philly's management is adamant that a solution exists - one in which Foles gets the money he deserves for putting the team on his back for the 2nd consecutive season.

Foles' contract stipulates that a $1 million bonus gets unlocked if he takes 33% of the snaps. Consider this: Foles was responsible for 357 of the Eagles' 1,092 plays, putting him four offensive snaps short of a 33 percent point share. He managed those totals in under 5 games with Carson Wentz out recovering from a stress-fracture he picked up in Mid-December.

Foles is expected to resume his starting duties in half an hours time when the Eagles face off against the 12-4 Chicago Bears led by Mitch Trubisky and company. Unless he performs another Super Bowl miracle this postseason, and cause for an overhaul at the QB position, expect the Eagles to deal Nick Foles to the highest bidder interested, as soon as their season comes to a close.