There is a stark and irreconcilable disjunct between the experience of being a casual Brockhampton fan and the experience of being a Brockhampton fan. It’s the difference between admiring organized chaos and joining the collective consciousness— the frustration and sorrow— at the center of that chaos. Certain fans can rattle off each member’s name and quirks like they’re talking about cousins and siblings. They speak about the band members on a first-name basis. And Brockhampton, for their part, face this fandom with awe and generosity, expanding their nimbus around anyone hoping for a connection.

Being a Brockhampton fan means knowing family. You see the precise movements of each member’s verse, solo, chorus, and develop all sorts of arguments with your friends (other true fans) about who went hardest  on “Gold” or “Hea.t” Being family also means setting aside the competitiveness and making it a conversation about each artist’s individual peaks, and how this has propelled the band’s collective growth.

Brockhampton has had to do some recalibrating to deal with the actions of Ameer Vann. Allegations of sexual and emotional abuse by more than one woman led to Vann's departure from the group, with the group's frontman, Kevin Abstract, revealing they'd all been lied to about the situation. Now the group is back on track to release a newly-titled album, The Best Years Of Our Lives, and just killed a performance last weekend at Osheaga. While there's no solid release date for The Best Years Of Our Live, we're taking this time to get better acquainted with the #bars that each rapping-member offers. If you want to know more about the other members of the group and what they do, check out this feature.

Take a look through the list. We decided to include Ameer Vann in the list, as it were, since he was at the time, a rapping-member of the group. Do not take this as approval or condoning of his actions.