Only a few rappers could actually make a case for being one of the game's true slang innovators, and Bay Area legend E-40 is one of them. With one of hip-hop's most iconic and recognizable voices, E-40 has added myriad expressions, sounds, and words to the hip-hop lexicon. His vernacular is unparalleled, and while it has come to be often imitated, there are none who can deliver an "OUUUUU" with the sheer panache of E-40. And before Amber Rose was donning "Captain Save A Hoe" apparel at her annual Slut Walk, E-40 was pioneering the expression with his 1993 single of the same name. 

Now, E-40 is suing author Erika Kane and her publishers over a recent book called, unsurprisingly, "Captain Save A Hoe." According to TMZ, 40 feels like Kane is profiting off of a character and expression that he created, going so far as to copy the song word for word. Apparently, 40 is requesting a judge that the book be removed from shelves altogether, and in the event that it did make money, the entirety of the profits would proceed to be rewarded to him. As of now, Kane has yet to reply to the lawsuit.

As for the book itself, the Amazon summary provides a little bit of detail about the plot, which centers around George, or "Captain Save A Hoe": "Georgie becomes the best of the best, hairstyling everyone from his transgender uncle to A-list Hollywood stars. But all isn't right in the world of Georgie. Money and drugs become his obsession, punctuated by his unending love of women and wanting to save them from themselves. There is one in particular, a prostitute named Anya, for whom he searches his entire life. But who can save Georgie? In this novel, we learn how far love can take you -- through insanity, intoxication, and intense intimacy."

While you reflect on that, be sure to check out this impression of E40, because, well, it's amazing.