E-40 is having a hard time keeping the gnats away from his fruit basket. The Bay Area legend is suing a second author in the span of 8 months for using his "Captain Save A Hoe" moniker without his permission.

First time out, E-40 asked a judge to yank Erika Kane's Captain Save A Hoe pulp novel, off the shelves. E-40 also demanded all proceeds garnered up to that point be emptied into his account. The case has only recently been settled out of court.

This time out, an author named CJ Allen has penned a book titled Captain Save A Hoe which seems to border on erotica for a "hip hop audience." E-40 has effectively filed a cease and desist order to Allen over his book demanding the cessation of any merch, services and most importantly, the publication of any material using his trademark. E-40 has every right to defend his intellectual property, having filed the requisite copyright documents for his 1993 song "Captain Save A Hoe," which has become a phrase synonymous with a person who goes out of their way to comply with material demands beset by their partner.

TMZ has learned that CJ Allen is currently in prison, but his wife doesn't think E-40 has much of case against her spouse. She claims the "sexy woman with S cape" bears no resemblance to the superhero character portrayed by E-40 in his now infamous music video for "Captain Save A Hoe." Best of luck to all, under the "good" authority of the law.