E-40 & OMB Peezy Have An Accidental Food Fight & Name Their Go-To Drunk Foods On "Snack Review"

Alex Zidel
July 19, 2019 12:00

E-40 and OMB Peezy pick up their favourite snacks at the bodega.

When the legendary E-40 stopped by our office with his mentee OMB Peezy, they were excited to get their episode of Snack Review popping. In fact, they may have gotten a little carried away at the bodega. When we took the two rappers to the corner store, they picked up their favourites and began to check out when Bay Area-based OMB Peezy pressed too hard on his container of fruit, leaving E-40 with fruit guts on his black hoodie and causing the dude in the back of the line to casually stroll out of the bodega, seemingly without paying for his items. As we all wonder what homeboy is doing with his day after witnessing the spill, Peezy and Forty made it back to the office with most of their selections intact, coming through to activate the taste test and answer some food-related Q's.

As for their initial choices at the shop, OMB Peezy made sure to keep a balanced diet going for the camera, even though he later admitted that he doesn't mess with anything healthy. He copped a bowl of fruit (that he spilled on the legend) and ate whatever pieces were remaining on the walk over to the office. Of course, he had to fulfil his taste buds with some Sour Cream & Onion Pringles and a Gatorade -- because electrolytes. E-40's choices were definitely pretty interesting. The man walked out with a container of Tic-Tacs, lemon seltzer and Kettle chips. He noted that he likes to stay healthy, going crazy over chicken, beef, fish, and all other meats. 

Watch the latest episode of Snack Review above to learn about Peezy and Forty's go-to drunk foods, their go-to high foods and the meals they prepare the best.

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HNHH TV E-40 & OMB Peezy Have An Accidental Food Fight & Name Their Go-To Drunk Foods On "Snack Review"