Dwyane Wade was one of the six players traded by the Cleveland Cavaliers at yesterday's NBA trade deadline, and he wasted no time getting back to Miami where he will likely finish his career. 

Shortly after the trade was finalized, Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union boarded a flight to South Beach and then took to social media to share a message with fans from both teams.

Wade, 36, first thanked the Cavs fan base before shifting his attention to the Miami Heat organization.

“I want to first start off by saying thank you to the Cleveland Cavaliers fan base. Thank you to the organization and the players that accepted me with open arms. Obviously it wasn’t the season that everyone wanted but I think for the most part I came in and I tried my best, so I hope that you guys see that and felt that.

“And I also want to thank the Miami Heat organization for bringing us back home. This is something that we’ve talked about for a long time as a family. It’s something that the fan base in Miami has talked about. I think we all thought and believed that one day it could happen. We’re glad that one day is today. I’m excited to get started. I’m excited to be back home in our bed in our environment with our kids with our dogs and list goes on and on. Thank you to the fan base of Miami. Thank you to the Miami organization, coaches, players for accepting me back."

D-Wade, who is expected to play his first game with the Heat on Friday against the Milwaukee Bulls, also posted a video on his instagram account which features highlights from his first run with the Heat.

Check out both posts below.