Dwyane Wade retired this past season and as you can expect, fans are pretty disappointed about his departure. Wade was a legend in his own right and will forever be remembered by Miami Heat fans for bringing the city three titles. Interestingly enough, now that Wade has called it quits, people on Twitter have been slandering his basketball career and claiming that he isn't as good as one may think. Heat fans can't stand this type of slander and according to Wade, they have been lighting up his Twitter mentions with some admirable defenses.

Wade took to Twitter today to talk to his fans for a moment and tell them that they don't always need to be so defensive, even though he clearly appreciates it.


"GDM Quick note: I’m thankful for my followers & the love thats shown but please stop @ me about people showing disrespect to my basketball career," Wade wrote. "I don’t care enough about what people who didn’t play against me think. Let’s talk about things that really matter."

It's not surprising that Wade would feel this way as at the end of the day, he's the one who made the NBA and the people who are talking, most definitely did not. While Wade might not want the defense, it is good to know that after all these years, Wade still has a slew of supporters who will go to bat for him at all times.