Can LeBron James ever surpass Michael Jordan's legacy? That's a debate that has been discussed ad nausea, and will continue to be debated probably long after LeBron has retired. 

LBJ has stated that he is constantly chasing Michael Jordan's "ghost" in an effort to become the greatest basketball player of all-time but it's a battle he just can't win, according to Dwyane Wade.

Wade, who grew up in Chicago, delivered a point blank response when ESPN asked if LeBron could surpass MJ's legacy.

"No, it's not possible," Wade told ESPN with a laugh. "It's not possible."

D-Wade did add that LeBron could "tie it," referring to a golf analogy that, according to ESPN, he made back in 2012:

"I think last year -- not only in my eyes, but in a lot of people's eyes -- really put him ... he's on the 15th hole right now," Wade said of James. "And he's on his way, for sure."

"You can't go past it," Wade said of Jordan's legacy. "How can you? That's as great as it gets, man. The only thing you can do, like I said, is be A-1, A-B. There's no way higher."

The two former teammates will square up for the first time this season in Chicago on Friday, December 2nd.