Thursday's NBA trade deadline was extremely busy as numerous players throughout the league were dealt to new teams. This was one of the biggest deadlines in the history of the NBA which makes sense when you consider just how many players were begging to be traded from their current situations. One of those players was Victor Oladipo who was sent from the Houston Rockets over to the Miami Heat, which was the team he wanted to be with all along.

Now, Oladipo will join a team that already boasts the talents of guys like Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro, and Duncan Robinson. As a little welcome to Miami, Heat legend Dwyane Wade took to Twitter with some words of encouragement for Oladipo, noting that his inclusion on the team is what's best for the franchise.

"It feels right. Congrts my brotha," Wade said simply. The Heat have been inconsistent at times this season although, with Oladipo on the roster, it's clear that the team means business. This is a team that made the NBA Finals last season and if they get hot at the right time, perhaps they could make yet another NBA playoff push.

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Victor Oladipo

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images