Dwyane Wade played his final game in the NBA on Wednesday night which marks the end of an era in the NBA. Throughout the year, Wade was on a farewell tour where he was subject to some huge standing ovations at arenas throughout the league. At the end of each game, he would swap jerseys with a player on the opposing team. During Wade's last game at Madison Square Garden, Knicks player Emmanuel Mudiay went up to Wade and asked if they could swap uniforms. Unfortunately, Wade had already chosen who he'd swap jerseys with. The clip of the exchange went viral and the Twitter jokes ensued.

Wade clearly felt bad for Mudiay as he ended up making up for his snub. The NBA legend sent Mudiay a framed D-Wade Miami Heat jersey that was also signed. Mudiay took a video of himself with the jersey thanking Wade for the gesture, as well as thanking him for everything he has done for the NBA.

Obviously, it would have been nice to have done the swap in the moment but Wade's gesture shows just how much he cares about his fellow basketball players.

During Wade's final game, he was cheered on by the Banana Boat crew of LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul.