Dwyane Wade is easily the most legendary player in the history of the Miami Heat franchise. Sure, LeBron James gave them four incredible seasons, however, Wade was there from the beginning and spent the vast majority of his career with the team. Wade went on to win three NBA titles while also making the Finals on five separate occasions. He was the perfect ambassador for the city, and as a whole, the fans miss him greatly.

Throughout this season, Wade has been an analyst for TNT, while also being an advocate for Jimmy Butler who is currently leading this Miami team to the promised land. Recently, Wade spoke to the Miami Herald, where he explained where he stands with this Heat team, and whether or not he has a role beyond being a retired player.

Dwyane Wade

Jason Koerner/Getty Images for LYFE Brand

“Even though I played for this organization and we’ve done some incredible things and I know these guys, I’m just a fan,” Wade said. “I watch from afar and I’m coaching like they can hear me. I’m screaming at them like they can hear me and I’m texting them after the game the same way. Hopefully they can hear me. I’m just a fan that knows the game very well and knows the organization and the team very well who has access to the players. It’s like the ultimate fan.”

As the Heat take on the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals, we're sure Wade will be riled up all throughout the series. The Heat have never made the NBA Finals without Wade in the lineup, which means the franchise is looking to make history. Having said that, a huge opportunity is on the horizon.