Sunday was a triumphant day for Miami Heat fans around the globe as the team was able to knock off the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Now, the Heat will get to go out and play against the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals, which will officially begin on Wednesday. 

Throughout the Eastern Conference Finals, there was plenty of back and forth between former players like Dwyane Wade and Paul Pierce, who played for the Heat and Celtics, respectively. It's clear that both players were excited to see these teams play one another, with both delivering some trash talk. Of course, Pierce was unabashedly going for the Celtics, but in the end, it was the Heat who ultimately came out on top.

Immediately following the Heat's big win, Wade took to his Twitter account where he called out Pierce, noting that the former Celtics legend knows exactly where he lives.

Pierce has always been overconfident when it comes to his sports takes, and especially his Celtics. With that being said, it's not surprising that Wade would have this energy, even if much of it is in jest.

With the Lakers and Heat in the Finals, we're sure Pierce will simply be waiting for this to all be over.