Passing the time can become a real struggle for many if they don't come up with creative ways to occupy the hours. If you just happen to be wondering how The Wades are faring during this COVID-19 quarantine, Gabrielle Union shared a few clips that prove no matter what, when you're a baller, that ball life stays in your blood. 

Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union Quarantine, COVID-19, CoronavirusNoam Galai / Stringer / Getty Images

On Friday (March 20) evening, Gabrielle took to Instagram to post two videos of a game The Wade Family created at home. While Zaya accepted the role of the basketball net, the 12-year-old holds a kid's basketball hoop up high. Dwyane and Gaby are fitted in their pajamas as they race the clock to see how many balls—well, technically, rolled up socks—they can sink before the buzzer. 

If you think this is just a game in a retired NBA champion's home, think again. The first clip shows Gabrielle's attempt while the second follows up with the former Miami Heat star's success. The funniest thing about it is how much they encourage one another as if they're balling out of control, complete with the congratulatory body clash. Check out the clips below and let us know if you've come up with any silly games to pass the time during this COVID-19 quarantine.