Dwight Howard has been a journeyman in the NBA since leaving the Orlando Magic a few years back. Of course, he played with the Los Angeles Lakers although it wasn't a very successful endeavor. People have questioned Howard's abilities, although, in his return to L.A., Howard has been nothing short of a perfect teammate. The veteran understands his role quite well and he's perfectly happy to play staunch defense whenever the team calls for it.

Back in 2009, Howard played in the NBA Finals as a member of the Magic, although he was defeated by Kobe Bryant and the Lakers in just five games. Now, he has a second shot at glory and as he told the media, he can't wait to go out and try to finish the job.

“It means everything. Just having this opportunity again. I just promised myself, if I ever got a chance to get back, I was going to give everything I got to help our team win," Howard said. "I’m just so thankful and grateful that I have this opportunity. I’m going to make the most of it."

During the team's series against Denver, Howard was a towering force against Nikola Jokic, and fans took notice. Regardless of who the Lakers play next, Howard is going to need to bring that energy. If he does, the Lakers have a great chance at a title.