Dwight Howard has had a rocky career as of late thanks to being bounced around the league from team to team. There is no doubt that Howard was a superstar in his prime but ever since going to the Lakers earlier this decade, he has been on a bit of a decline. Now, Howard is back with the Lakers and is looking to prove to people that he still has it. In a recent interview via ESPN, Howard spoke about how over the last year he had hit "rock bottom" and that things outside of basketball were affecting his career.

"It didn't have anything to do with basketball," Howard said. "It was just stuff going [on] in my personal life. Mentally, physically and spiritually. It had nothing to do with me as a basketball player or anything like that. It was just personal things that I had to deal with which made me stronger."

Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Now, Howard is as motivated as ever to make the Lakers a championship contender and even talked about his first stint with the franchise. If you're a Lakers fan, you have to be excited about Howard's maturity moving forward.

"I never had any ill will toward any of the fans here in L.A. I loved this city from the first moment I've been here and started playing in the NBA," Howard explained. "It was never nothing against anybody here [on] the team or anything like that, it was just a decision I made. I love this city. I love playing in L.A. I'm back here so none of that stuff in the past even really matters to me anymore. I think we all have a fresh start."

Howard will get his chance to prove himself this October when the Lakers season officially begins.