Over the past year or so, Dwight Howard's rumored personal exploits have become a huge topic of debate amongst NBA fans. Even if the allegations against Howard are false, he can't seem to escape all of the Kyle Kuzma shower jokes that have migrated their way to Twitter. For instance, a player can't even post a picture of their workout on social media without someone posting that gif of Dwight dancing on the ground with a big goofy grin on his face (you know the one). 

The narrative surrounding Howard reared its head, once again, on Thursday morning as the Los Angeles Lakers took on the Brooklyn Nets in China. The game finished 114-111 in favor of the Nets but it was Howard's pre-game antics that had people making jokes. As you can see in the video below, Howard goes for a dunk and his pants come off in the process. LeBron James was standing nearby and luckily for him, Howard had shorts on underneath.

All we can say in this situation is that some of you need to relax and let Howard live his life however he sees fit. Not everything he does is going to be some little hint at what he does in his personal life although the jokes are admittedly, pretty funny.

If we're being honest, they probably won't stop this season.